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2/4Caring for the glacier
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4/4Caring for the glacier
Caring for the glacier

April 9, 2019


Beijing World Financial Centre


With the rapid development of science, technology and economy, people are paying highly attention to the environmental problems and the ecological condition of the earth that are caused by the development. Referring to the changes in the earth's ecology, global warming is one of the major issues that is directly caused by human behavior and it is the most urgent affair which can’t be ignore. The melting of glaciers and rising sea levels caused by climate warming are changing the original appearance of the earth at a speed visible to the naked eye.

On April 9, 2019, the occasion of the 50th World Earth Day, the Beijing World Financial Centre set its sights on "glaciers", a theme that is both unfamiliar and familiar to most people -- we “moved” “oceans and glaciers” into the building. The whole decoration is made of environmentally friendly materials. It can be seen from the installation of the atrium of the building: the "iceberg" floats on the azure "sea surface", and the "invisible crisis" is hidden below the sea level. This activity uses the concept of "global warming and glacier melting" and the form of "sea level year scale" on the device to intuitively present the irreversible harm brought by human activities to our home in recent years. The "Iceberg" device of this activity is composed entirely of reusable elastic cloth. “The ocean” where the iceberg is located made of a blue net. Below sea level, we settled several PET bottles and Marine life elements to form the visual effect of the coexistence of Marine life and human garbage and inspire people's sense of responsibility to "protect the earth" with a shocking look. 

On April 9th, tenants in the building collected and donated PET bottles, and actively participated in the activity by recycling used paper and toner cartridges. While contributing to the earth's ecology, they also obtained a small pot of succulents to add a touch of green to their desk. The activity lasted from April 1 to April 19, during which tenants actively participated in the bottle recycling activities. WFC hopes that this activity can plant a seed of caring for the glacier in people's hearts and start from the trivial things around to protect the homeland shared by all of us. 

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