August 26, 2018


Beijing World Financial Centre


The key commercial project under Henderson Land Development Company Limited, Beijing World Financial Centre (wfc) worked together with creative institutions AllRightsReserved and Japanese balloon master DAISY BALLOON to create artistic charity plan of “TALK TO THE NEXT”, create magnificent and dreamy artistic scenes of balloon installation, and agglomeration the tenant of wfc forces jointly support the children anti-blindness and rescue blindness project of Orbis International which is a great significance. This activities perform the charity donation through the platform of Shanghai United Foundation, the fund collected will be used to support the grassroots hospital in remote areas of anti-blindness and rescue blindness project of Orbis International, train the local ophthalmologist to heighten the ability of medical treatment, provide the surgery assistance in the poor areas, avoid the eye disease and blindness tragedy that can be prevented and cured originally, to let all the children have a bright future.

On the afternoon of August.16, the organizer Henderson Land and wfc the representative of artists, creative institutions, sponsors and charity organization of this activity wfc held one launching ceremony of a fun-filled art public welfare program. On the ceremony, Mr. Paco Chan, from wfc, the general manager of rental, delivered a speech, introducing the special charity mission of this activity to the public and hoped to convey our working concept of enjoying pleasure through this activity to tenants. After delivering the speech, Mr Paco Chan ontribute the first sum of donation to this Dr. Lu Qing, the deputy director of North Asia medical hospital and government relationship, Orbis International as charity partner of this activity, and subsequently experience by his own the game of Pop-Up Balloon Bar. This launching ceremony of this activity invited tens of famous media and KOL to experience at presence in total, which is a warm scenery.   

From August.17 to 31, théATRE from the first floor of WFC held charity sale of interesting “Pop-Up Balloon Bar” , the public can get the Voice-changing Balloon with purchasing made desert for this activity or direct donation, to let the sound return to childhood. When obtaining the happy experiences, we also can dedicate our loving heart to the child with eye disease in the remote areas.

At the same time, this activity also got the big support from the tenants of this building. During the activity, we held special events for tenants from many enterprises of Beijing Branch of Standard Chartered Bank, Tianan Life Insurance Company Limited, China Internet Nationwide Financial Services Inc., Hudson Beijing, Beijing D.H Asset Management Ltd. In the activity, the staffs of tenant enterprises not only dedicated their loving heart for the charity through donation, but also obtained the the happy memories that were permanently in their brain through Pop-Up Balloon Bar. 

On the end of this activity, wfc also brought a gouache painting class to everyone who was reluctant to leave a beautiful balloon installation. On September 4, we invited the teacher, Li Yangming, from théATRE to come to wfc courtyard, to explain gouache knowledge and basic painting skills to the people with zero-knowledge about painting. Under the guidance with teacher, everyone picked up their brush to leave the most beautiful silhouette in their hearts for the beautiful balloon device.

Even if there are thousands of reluctance to leave, the time has come to the end of activity. On September. 7th, at WFC courtyard, the Swingbeijing put on a hot swing show! It can let tenants say goodbye with this unique style to colourful balloon device, and meanwhile leave the beauty keep in the bottom of their hearts.

WFC are paying attention to the tenants ‘combination of work and life all the time. We paid more attention to the living experiences except for providing the ideal and comfortable working space. This“TALK TO THE NEXT”artistic charity planning brings visual, taste, auditory and spiritual experience to tenants through the large-scale artistic device, interactive concept of “Pop-Up Balloon Bar ”and the promotion of desserts and charitable donations during the launch of théATRE. This activity further obtained the big support of tenants and the sponsor unit includes CIFS, King & Wood Mallesons, KWM artcenter and Tianan Life Insurance Company Limited, théATRE ( the lists are not particular order).

In the future, WFC will be devoted to creating an ideal working and living space. Carry out the enterprises’ developing concept as always, happy work and excellent life!

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