1/4The 2018 Environmental Protection Activity
2/4The 2018 Environmental Protection Activity
3/4The 2018 Environmental Protection Activity
4/4The 2018 Environmental Protection Activity
The 2018 Environmental Protection Activity

March 29, 2018


Beijing World Financial Centre


In Beijing, on March 29, haunted by haze, the annually environmental event was launched in the building. This year, with "Connecting Love with New Coordinate” as the theme, WFC encourages the public to lighten up our coordinate and protect our environment with love. On the day, tenants enthusiastically participated the activity and the event ended successfully.

As the highlight of the event, the waste paper collection has got a positive response from tenants. All of us brought the old items in their offices to exchange a little green plant. In this half day event, we collected 250 kg of waste newspapers, old books and office waste paper, and dozens of toner cartridges, thus bringing hundreds of potted plants for our tenants. 

The recruitment activity of “Good Friends” under the “Love Connection” is also extremely popular. Tenants actively left their messages on the “Good Friends” recruitment wall, with their public interest, skills, forms of participation, time of participation and other information. They signed up to be volunteers, so as to participate in future public welfare activities and make contributions to the quality office environment. 

Under another interesting event, "Connecting Our Nature", 《seed - seedling - vegetable》 connection game called laughter and joy of the tenants involved. Everyone obtained rare natural knowledge from such a small game and even each participant was given a seedling gift package. WFC will then make follow-up visits with the tenants who received the seedling gift package and elected the healthiest seedling. 

Besides the above interesting activities, WFC also built the largest charging site in this CBD area with TELD. As a new office building with green architecture as its design concept, the new charging pile is in line with the environmental protection and health concept pursued by WFC. On the day of the event, tenants eager to come for the future usage. 

As a famous environmental protection office building, WFC is committed to create the most healthy and comfortable office environment for tenants and convey the most fresh and practical environmental protection concept to tenants. This environmental protection activity has been already concluded. In the future, WFC will continue to adhere to the environmental protection concept, so as to bring a better office environment for tenants. 

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