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Love Wish on 520

May 20, 2017


Beijing World Financial Centre


Love is always around us, among parents, friends, lovers and relatives…etc. It is the most precious gift in the world. What will you say if you have a chance to express your love to whom you treasure? 

For celebrating this year’s 520, wfc specially invited João Martinho Moura, a famous international multimedia artist in Portugal, and Portuguese musician António Rafael to reveal the marvelous interactive installation in wfc lobby on May 19 to 26, 2017. 

On the event opening day, with the presence of artist João Martinho Moura, wfc has dedicated tea and complimentary giveaways sponsored by Chao Cafe and théATRE TEA to all guests and medias. 

João Martinho Moura being a media artist and researcher born in Portugal. His interests cover digital art, intelligent interfaces, digital music, computational aesthetics, and especially in real-time visualization and body driven digital interactive artifacts. For the past decade, he has created a new way to transform the body shape into digital images. In 2013, he received the National Multimedia Award – Art & Culture, from APMP Multimedia Association in Portugal. Since then his work has been showcased in different countries around the world. 

António Rafael, as a Portuguese musician, is a visiting professor of universities, an independent band musician and a multimedia artist. He has also created a variety of documentary, ballet, drama soundtracks. 

Shapes, images, and sounds were all joined and interdependent in this interactive installation. A visually engaging block, captivating in its monochromatic conception and minimalist lines, operated as a projection screen and teemed with conglomerations of lines and shapes. Based on this mechanism, the installation was always changing and acquired countless forms. The form of the projection was based on the surrounding environment, responding to the movements and gestures of the viewers. Visitors and passersby became part of the work and defined its appearance. The body shape was represented digitally in an abstract space and generatively changed in time. The interaction was synchronized with sound atmospheres, which reacted to the lines generated by the silhouettes, and their movement. 

To encourage tenants to express their loves, wfc had set a "The Most Beloved One" award to the most touching one who write down their love wishes and to hang the cards on the wish tree during the event period. 

wfc wishes to call on the public to pay more attention to the people around not only on 520 but in daily time. From now on, let’s communication more and express our loves with those around us. 

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