"My childhood memory connects with "my favorite soup" – firstly, the sweet soup by the old man sold on street and I enjoyed when the sun is about to set, then the heart-warming chicken stew by mom, which never fails to keep me waiting contentedly on dining table."

Every scene reminds one of the taste of home – the vintage-style wooden long table, the homely feel open kitchen setting and the peaceful and loving image of the cook. Enjoy the nutritious, no MSG.

Chinese soup, homemade dried shrimp and peanuts, and the varieties of clay pot rice – a must have one cannot afford to miss. All these explain the reason of MySoup being the all-time favorite amongst food critics, KOLs or simply, everyone.   

No.104, L1, West Tower

010 - 8587 8669

MON-SUN 08:00AM – 10:00PM

Signature dish

Chicken soup with floral gum

Sirloin rice

Sugarcane syrup

Henderson Touch TOP