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Beijing CBD Video Exhibition

September 10, 2020


Beijing CBD White Collar Station


"The Story of Lights and Shadows”--the award and opening ceremony of the 2020 Beijing CBD Video Season was held at the Beijing CBD White Collar Station. The event is co-organized by Beijing CBD Management Committee and Beijing CBD General Workers Union. For the first time, Beijing World Financial Centre will be the branch venue of CBD Video Season, and some of the award-winning works will be exhibited in the lobby until October.

This year's CBD Video Season collected 2,000 entries through multiple channels online and offline, and over 50,000 people participated in the online popularity voting in four weeks, receiving a total of nearly 200,000 votes.

As a deepening interpretation of CBD culture and art, this video season shows the harmonious coexistence between this area, project and tenant, while further enhancing the vision and picture of Beijing World Financial Centre development.

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