1/2Blockbuster Magic Show
2/2Blockbuster Magic Show
Blockbuster Magic Show

December 12, 2017


Beijing World Financial Centre


At the time of the of Christmas, wfc prepared elaborately the appreciation event to all tenants, which was full of fun and happiness as well as surprises, just like the usual. Unlike the Christmas party before, wfc will have an exciting and full magic show coming into the office building, which brought a spectacular Christmas experience to all tenants at the night of December 12th. 

This year wfc has the honor to invite the Beijing Fantastic Forest Magic Culture Corporation, which was the one and the only one in China to provide comprehensive magic cultural related activities, to bring us a wonderful show: Blockbuster Magic Show. The group of 4 from Fantastic Forest intended to create the Blockbuster Show similar with the magic show in Las Vegas of USA, and integrated the most advanced and special magic into the show as well as an unique and attractive magic show. In the end, the splendidness of the show will surpass the imagination of all audiences. 

At the beginning of the night show, four top magicians: Illusionists Wang Yu, Extreme Magic Girl Zhang Ruining, Mind Reader Fu Qiang and Comedy Magician Yin Hao cooperated to bring a wonderful night to all audiences. During the show, not only had it the wonderful sessions that letting people holding their breath unconsciously, like thrilling swallowing a needle lead, escaping from the high sky, moving and changing body, but the relaxed and humorous interactive session like mysterious gift box, messages from previous and present life, the exchange of tea and water. More than two hundreds of tenants present had witnessed the occurrence of the magic event. 

After the splendid magic show, wfc also prepared the lucky draw gifts like little bear perfume from BBF, Audio Technical Bluetooth headset, Dyson handheld vacuum cleaner, iPhone X and IQ Air HP100 air cleaner valued RMB12,980, making every participants enjoy the first Christmas surprise in 2017. The City Society, one of the tenants in wfc, being the official catering partners, all participants enjoying the delicious food and beverage before the wonderful show. 

Two-hour splendid activities provided the relaxation and happiness for the people at their spare time. In the new year, wfc will continue providing more interesting activities for all the tenants, just like usual, and try our best to create a better office environment to ALL. 

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