1/2Return to work with full power!
2/2Return to work with full power!
Return to work with full power!

April 2020


Beijing World Financial Centre


In April 2020, as more and more workers get back to the office during this special time, wfc responded positively and follow the governments requirements, to stay focus on ensure epidemic prevention and economic development at the same time.

“Work – life synergy” is the core concept of Beijing World Financial Centre,” said Mr. Paco W.C. Chan, Head of Leasing Portfolio (Beijing), He said: “On the one hand, we continue to upgrade and strengthen the epidemic prevention measures. On the other hand, we prepared the welcome-back gifts for every tenant and employee, hoping to create a safe and warm environment with humanistic care for tenants when they get back to office .” 

Apart from the long- term epidemic prevention work, wfc cares about tenant’s work  environment, by preparing sterilizing card, hand sanitizer, masks, healthy food and parking benefit. wfc has also formulated a series of additional policies as support to relieve pressure and facilitate the commercial center to back on track.

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